Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cancer Corner - This Time's a charm "Cancer Blog - Book Tour" Stop

Hello All... Welcome to the "This Time's a Charm - Cancer Blog Tour"...

I am happy to participate in the book tour. We had a bit of a technical glitch with our post yesterday. I have copied the post from yesterday… and ensured that the post is properly submitted today.

I first was drawn to Don Wilhelm through . I was searching for cancer related books and survivorship stories. When you see a book written by a four time cancer survivor you are immediately pulled to the book. I remember thinking to myself... I had trouble getting through this one time... let alone four times! Thus... I reached out to Don enquiring about doing an interview with him on the "Cancer Corner" program. Don was gracious enough to send me an electronic copy of his book as it was yet to be released to the public.

When I began reading "This Times a Charm" I expected to find a different type of book. Glorious accounts of beating cancer and the like... I was surprised at what I found the book to be and that is a humbling story of the human element and very real and sometimes graphic depiction of a person going through unbearable emotional conflict. Every time I talk about the book I reiterate that this is not a "children’s" book! It is a pain filled story that continues to hit you over the head again... and again.

The story really ends up being less about cancer and more about life. This is the reason I recommend this book to individuals outside of the cancer arena as well. I don’t want to reveal too much about the book but there are several unexpected twists and turns that keep interest and depth to the story.

If you are interested in hearing more of Don’s story… please listen to:

Cancer Corner Live - Four Time Cancer Survivor
Recorded on 10/28/2009

Don is also a very engaging business speaker…

If you are interested in hearing Don talk about the business aspects of his book… please listen to:

Business Center Live - Writing a Book (Self Publishing)
Recorded on 12/18/2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

"This Time's a Charm" Cancer Blog Book Tour

We are proud to be a stop on the "This Time's a Charm" Cancer Blog Book Tour!

"This Time's a Charm - Lessons of a Four Time Cancer Survivor" is a wonderful book about cancer and life experiences by Donald Wilhelm. I'm luckily enough to have interviewed Donald twice... on both the "Cancer Corner" show at (show titled: "Cancer Corner Live - Four Time Cancer Survivor") and our international business show "Business Center Live" at (show titled: "Business Center Live - Writing a Book (Self Publishing)") We will be conducting our blog interview with Donald Wilhelm on 2/25/09. Please visit the other blogs posted as well. Perhaps you will find them to be of value. I know I have...

Don's website can be found at:

Grab a copy of "This Time's a Charm - Lessons of a Four Time Cancer Survivor" while your there!

"This Time's a Charm" Cancer Blog Book Tour Schedule


Check back in on 2/25/09 for our blog interview with Donald Wilhelm!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hello to all...

Welcome to the official "Cancer Corner" blog! I'm your host Bob Grayson. Here at "Cancer Corner" we aim to provide a voice to all types of cancer and individuals involved and effected by the disease. As a cancer survivor myself I always had difficulties finding information of worth on the Internet. (Especially positive cancer stories...) I've found that individuals tend to dwell on the negative things that happen to them in life. Think about when you are speaking about a loved one to a friend. Do you generally share the positive or negative things about your relationship? While I love my wife... I know I have always been someone to share the negative things that I can not bring up at home. I would wager that most of us out there have a need to talk about the negative things in our lives. However the positive events tend to slip by faster and generally don't involve as much conversation. I'm living proof that you can beat cancer and have a successful life beyond the disease. I love being able to be a voice behind cancer awareness, advocacy, and survivorship. I try to bring interesting and informative guests on to the "Cancer Corner" program. The intent is to inform, help, and (sometimes) entertain. There is no topic that we are afraid to tackle. The goal is to provide a very "real" and honest depiction of the disease from a survivors point of view. The show is intended to help individuals who are in all phases of the disease. Our listeners range from the newly diagnosed, those in the midst of the battle, survivors, caregivers, friends, family, and individuals suffering from other life threatening illnesses who relate to the conversation on the show. We enjoy focusing on positive stories but with a disease like cancer it is very difficult not to show the other side of things. In keeping with the "real" aspect our show will dive into areas that are difficult and sometimes hard to understand. I hope to bring all aspects that have turned "Cancer Corner" into a highly successful internationally syndicated Internet talk show to this blog. I'm interested in your thoughts and questions. I will not only approach topics with my view points... I never claim to know everything. I'm always interested in feedback. This show has also provided me the opportunity to be considered a world renowned public and motivational speaker. It's always a joy for me to be able to see peoples faces when I am speaking. You don't get that with radio... or blogging... I always wonder if I am reaching people. It's easy to see with the audiences that have gathered to hear my perspective that people tend to relate very well to me. I preach all of the time that if I could help just one person it would make all of the time and effort I put into "Cancer Corner" worthwhile. I really would like to help many people... and I hope that you might find some comfort in my thoughts, words, or through the guests on my program. Feedback of all kinds is a wonderful thing... please reach out at I'm always looking for new ideas for the show. I love to hear if I am helping anyone out there. Let me know if there is a person or group that you would enjoy hearing from on "Cancer Corner". I will effort to schedule interviews with these suggested guests. Ultimately the show is for the listener... and I intend to keep it that way.

Thanks for stopping by.

Bob Grayson
Host of "Cancer Corner Live"